Croeso! Welcome!

We have not been able to hold regular Welsh Society events at the Cambrian Hall since March 2020 but we did manage some on-line activities earlier this year in that our St David’s Day programme was held on-line. Now we are beginning to hold events again and this is the first and there was a reasonably well attended Pub Night at the Cambrian Hall on Friday, April 8th. We are now planning an event to celebrate the Queen’s platinum jubilee. More fetails will be provided soon.

The board will decide when we will return to our normal schedule and this should happen in the not too distant future. The Cambrian Hall has not been so quiet for such a long and that in itself is really sad. However thanks to Wynford Owen and Jackie Chapman who brave the silence to ensure that the hall is safe and secure.

Please note that The Book Club are still holding virtual meetings via ZOOM. Please contact Gillian via if you would like to join the virtual meeting of The Book Club.

Croeso yn Gymraeg.