Cambrian Circle Singers

Performing at the Cambrian Hall

The Cambrian Circle Singers started life in 1980 as a group of men and women wearing the fashions of 18th. and 19th century Wales and singing Welsh folk songs from the same era.

The choir now performs regularly in the lower mainland, but has sung in Wales and the USA. We have sung on the stages of the Orpheum Theater, Malkin Bowl and the Chan Centre etc. but are usually found entertaining the sick and the elderly in the many hospitals, nursing homes and homes for the elderly around the lower mainland with the occasional fund raisers for churches.

For a number of years our repertoire consisted of Welsh and Canadian music but with so much delightful music out there we decided to broaden while still singing roughly 50% Welsh music.

We were a mixed choir until the 1996/7 season when our last bass, Bill Evans, had to finally retire. We are now a group of 16 ladies who come from Lion’s Bay, Port Coquitlam, White Rock and everywhere in-between to either practice at the Cambrian Hall at 17th. and Main or perform somewhere in the lower mainland. For many years the choir members were Welsh but like the music we have become more diversified. All take on the singing in Cymraeg with diligence and good humour !

Our costumes, many still the 1980 originals, along with our singing, keep us in demand entertaining people throughout the lower mainland. Also through the years we have been able to accommodate members who were capable of continuing to sing but due to physical difficulties or in one case suffering from Alzheimer’s (his wife stood in the choir and turned the pages for him), the opportunity to do so.

Like many choirs, new members are always gratefully received. If you are interested in joining the group the group contact

Nerys Haqq (604 278 8978