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Saturday, January 26th.  at 2:00 pm Welsh Spirit event:

St. Dwynwen celebration

On January 26th at 2 pm in the Red Dragon we will hold our traditional celebration of St. Dwynwen, the Welsh Patron Saint of Lovers. A brief history of her life and her church will be followed by romantic songs and videos, humorous recitations and delectable desserts. To further enhance the levity of the event, it will also feature the annual Limerick Challenge. This year the town in the south is BRECON and  in the north it is RHYL. So there will be two separate competitions. Competitors can choose the gender and the age of the character! So,

  • There was a young fellow/maiden or old man/lady from Brecon/Rhyl could be the first line.
but boy, lad, girl, gent, woman are also acceptable if they fit the rhythm!

It would be helpful to receive the entries about a week early to save time at the event. Say the weekend of January 19th., but last minute entries may be added to provide variety? Please email your entries to

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